Energy optimisation


Energy optimisation

An efficient energy management is based on transparent facts about the complete consume of energy in the building. In addition, it needs the knowledge of the positive influences between the relevant processes. Immediate investment in new technology is not necessary in every case of sustainable energy. The goal of energy optimization is to operate all building systems efficiently and thereby to reduce operating costs. New and existing installations will be adapted optimally for this purpose of changing needs.

When energy prices are rising, the operationg costs of your company can be reduced at a leisurely pace. A complete balance of energy in your business will only be visible with a potential analysis. Existing weaknesses are shown successively,  suitable solutions are identified and ​​recommendations  are made for action.

The tGA Projekt GmbH supports you in the planning of measures and the realization of your energy concepts. The tGA Projekt GmbH will support you in the application and handling of subsidies. 

Service portfolio
  • General analysis (plan vs. actual)
  • Possible reasons for failure
  • Prepare necessary measures and assist in the following planning and implementation
  • Contact for the operator
  • Structural recording of the consumption of energy

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