Subsidy transaction


Subsidies – Consulting and transaction

If you are planning investments, the tGA Projekt GmbH helps you to gain the maximum of subsidies. The project is analyzed for funding opportunities and they are illustrated by an overview to you. This ranges communal, federal, national and EU-subsidies. There are funding opportunities for all areas, especially for the manufacturing enterprises, the commercial operation, the production-related service providers, tourism companies, but also for commercial businesses and households. The tGA Projekt GmbH advises its customers at best and guarantees a reliable and fast process and is pleased with you, if it is possible to conclude a funding application positively. This requires a continuous updating of the subsidy jungle and the correct interpretation of the possibilities for finding optimal solutions.

Funding authorities
Service portfolio
  • Inspection of the project documents
  • Analysis of the subsidy opportunities
  • Creating an overview of the subsidies including quotas and a presentation
  • Designing a concept for the subsidies including a description of the project
  • Organisation of the required documents
  • Submission to the funding agencies
  • Accompanying the funding procedure, and information about the progress to you
  • Fastest possible initialization of the missing documents
  • Personal contact with the funding authorities
  • Control of funding decisions
  • When required writing of statements and appeals
  • Recommendation of adoption of subsidies

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