We use our experiences for the benefit of our customers. We offer complete services in the field of building services together with our project partners. So you don’t have any interface problems. We are available for the planning work of the individual phases of the project and sub-projects as well as for services from planning to implementation.

LP 1 Project- and planning preparation: Development of the essential parts of a solution for the planning task

Standard services

  • Clarification of the task of the technical equipment in accordance with the client and the project planners, especially in the technical and econonomic polidcy issues
  • Analysis of the basic evaluation
  • Development of a planning concept with estimate interpretation of the main systems and components including studies of alternative solutions according to the requirements with  apparitional presentation for the integration in the planning of the project including a preliminary economic effiency study
  • Arranging a functional diagram or simplified diagram for the plan
  • Clarificaton and Explaination of the essential suspect-specific contexts, processes and conditions
  • Assisting in preliminary negotiations with authorities and other specialists involved in the planning of approvability
  • Assisting with the forecast of costs
  • Survey for preliminary results

Special Services

  • Processing of experiments and simulations
  • System studies, energy studies
  • Collection of data, analysis and optimization processes, for an energy-saving and environmentally friendly construction
  • Inventories
  • Revising and updating of the pre-planning due to changed requirements
  • Studies for the building and system optimization in reference to the consumption of energy and the polluting emisssions (eg, SO2, NOx)
  • Developing optimized energy concepts

LP 2 Planning of system and integration: Development of an definitive solution for the planning task

Standard services

  • Continuing of the planning concept (gradual development of a graphic solution) as a result of LP 1 and taking into account all subject-specific requirements and  specialist plannings up to the complete design
  • Setting of systems and system components
  • Analysis, measurement, graphic presentation and a description of the system (without dimensions)
  • Specification and coordination  of the necessary procedures and loading datas for the preliminary structural calculation(without planning of mortise and recesses)
  • Assisting in negotiations with authorities and other specialists involved in the planning of approvability
  • Survey for preliminary results

Special Services

  • Development of data for planning with a third party, for example for building control
  • Economic effiency calculation
  • Working costs calcution
  • Creating the technical part of a room book as a contribution to the specifications of the object planner
  • Detailed comparison of emissions
  • Detailed economic effiency evidence

LP 3 Planning for submission: Development of the templates for the necessary submission

Standard services

  • Contribution in the development of subject-specific templates as a consequence of the phases in LP1 and LP2 for the required public specifications including requests for exceptions, exemptions and necessary negotiations with the authorities
  • Completing and customizing of the planning services, descriptions and calculations
  • Compiling the necessary documentation for the approvability in the necessary extent
  • Contribute with explanations and negotiations with authorities

Special Services

  • Revising and adapting of the planning for the submission due to the changes, that the planner is not responsible for, eg unforseeable conditions of the authorities instead  of sustained objection of involved person in the approval process
  • Participation in appeals from first instance

LP 4 Detailed engineering- implementation plans, project plans: Development and presentation of an implementable solution of the project

Standard services

  • Working through the results of phases 2 and 3 (gradual elaboration and representation of the solution) in accordance with all subject-specific requirements and considering the integrated specialist service of the project planning as the basis for assembly planning for the performing companies
  • Graphic presentation of the plant with dimensions (no assembly and workshop drawings)
  • Planning of mortise and recesses

Special Services

  • Controlling formwork plans (structural engineer)
  • Preparation of plans for the ports of the provided equipment and machines
  • Conduit planning
  • Contribution of the creation of lateral views
  • Plans for site concrete or ready mixed concrete

LP 5 Preparation of the awarding of the contracts / tender: determination of the quantities and installation of detailed estimates

Standard services

  • Determination of quantities as the basis for the drawing up of detailed estimates in accordance with inputs of other contributors
  • Preparation work descriptions with detailed estimates and according to working groups

Special Services

  • Making of tender drawings specifications for the detailed estimates with the aid of software
  • Creating a cost calculation

LP 6 Participation in the awarding of contracts: Checking the offers and participation in the awarding of the contract

Standard services 

  • Checking and analyzing of the offers including an assembly of  a price comparison in accordance to working groups
  • Assisting with the negotiation with the tenderers in subject-specific questions
  • Assisting in the awarding of the contract in subject-specific questions

Special Services

  • Checking of the values and possible alternatives

Application areas
Heating systems
  • Installation of heating systems
  • Gas and oil firing plants
  • Biomass plants
  • Converting plants
  • Geothermal-, air- and water-heat-pumps
  • Heat recovery plants
  • Solar heating
  • Heating systems for halls and industry
  • Steam plants
  • Local heating, long distance heating
  • Block-unit heating power plant

Refrigeration plants

  • Cold water aggregates and  glycol aggregates
  • Direct heat exchanger plants
  • Single room refrigeration plants
  • Absorption plants
  • Refrigeration plants for industry
  • Refrigeration plants for bussiness
  • Cold storage houses

Ventilation plants

  • Gastronomy ventilation plants
  • Ventilation plants for domestic architecture and business
  • Ventilation plants for garages
  • Ventilation plants for industry
  • Air pollution control
  • Air conditioning
  • Pneumatic cleaning plants
  • Odour filter plants
  • Air distribution systems
  • Fire prevention facilities
  • Air conditioning plants and partial air conditioning plants
  • Clean rooms

Sanitary installations

  • Domestic drainage
  • Pumping systems
  • Pressure increase system
  • Plants with utilization of rainwater
  • Calculation of pipeline network
  • Sanitary components
  • Sanitary facilities and special sanitary facilities
  • Hot water generation
  • Plants for swimming pools
  • Irrigation systems

Power control systems

  • Measuring and control technology
  • Central control systems
  • Central building control systems

Energy optimisation - Energy effiency

  • Measurement data logging
  • Energy management
  • Energy concepts
  • Energy consulting
  • Energy optimisation
  • Economic effiency calculation

Fire prevention

  • Wet and dry rising pipes
  • Mechanic smoke and heat venting system
  • Fire sprinkling system
  • Fire prevention for home automation

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