Local site supervision


Local site supervision

A successful project requires an efficient and competent project management. A successful construction project requires a competent support at site. The longtime experience of tGA Projekt GmbH, the planning know-how, and a consequent time and cost management is a big advantage for our customers.

The aim of the monitoring services carried out by the project manager of the tGA Projekt GmbH is to supervise the building, to realize the project on time and within the cost level and  in high quality, to examine the bills, assist in the approval of the project, identify deficiencies and to ensure professional documentation. For this purpose it is necessary  to be available to all partners involved (eg, clients, authorities, executors), to control processes and to take on possible problems as early as possible to take influence to them immediately. 

Service portfolio

[toggle title=”1. Site supervision and coordination” ]

  • Local representation of the interests of the client
  • Monitoring the execution of the work in accordance with the licenced requirements and orders and to the construction contract including installation plans and specifications according to commissioned rules of technology and relevant regulations.
  • Local supervision of the construction of the building coordinating the activities of the other specialists involved
  • Local coordination of the representatives of the AG, of all employees and all deliveris and services with the aim of an uninterrupted interaction of all parties involved in the construction project
  • Handling of meetings
  • Demand of overhead charges

[/toggle][toggle title=”2. Monitoring of dates and costs” ]

  • Monitoring of dates (target performance comparison)
  • Collaboration at monitoring the costs (provide data)

[/toggle][toggle title=”3. Quality assurance” ]

  • Plausibility check of the mentioned executions of the installations
  • Quality and dimensional inspection

[/toggle][toggle title=”4. Examination of accounts” ]

  • Control of the evaluation and entry of measured quantities and (eg, measured quantities sheets) of the implemented parts
  • Examination of accounts
  • Control and deduction of  directed services
  • Determination of accurate partial payments and closing invoice

[/toggle][toggle title=”5. Handle claims for additional and reduced costs” ]

  • Assisting in the claims for additional and reduced costs
  • Assisting in the development of basics for the rapid establishment for the decision or mediation between the client and the executor

[/toggle][toggle title=”6. Acquisition and Approval” ]

  • Assisting at the approval of the construction work
  • Participation at procedures of the approval of authorities
  • Assisting at the acquisition and approval
  • Examination of the executor’s documents to completeness

[/toggle][toggle title=”7. Defiency statement and rectification” ]

  • Declaration and attribution of construction defiencies during the construction phase
  • Declaration and registering of periods of warranty
  • Statement of defiencies


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