If creativity, enthusiasm, energy efficiency, resource conservation, efficiency, sustainability and inspiration interlock, that leads to solutions that will give benefits, projection and living innovation to all involved people.

The internal quality management of the tGA Projekt GmbH creates clarity from beginning to end – a red thread through the entire project. tGA Projekt GmbH is operating national and European-wide with its three business  areas: consulting – planning – monitoring .

tGA project offers planning and consulting services for the entire area of ​​the building and thermal energy technology and for plant engineering.
tGA project develops innovative customer-oriented concepts with technical and economic solutions including the necessary services.
tGA project is networked with highly qualified partners which complements and enlarges the skills, resources and qualities of the tGA Projekt GmbH.
tGA project strengthens
the skills of its employees through ongoing training. The resource human associated with the individual and networked knowledge, is the most valuable medium of know-how in the company.
tGA project sees sees itself as a learning organization. The experiential content of the projects is reflected, stored, linked and leads to more innovative solutions.

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